Dice strategies many casino experts don’t know about!

Welcome to the page in online gambling dedicated to craps strategies (called Craps in English). This page is intended to provide you with useful information and advice on how to play craps better. Since Craps is a game of chance, no one can affect the outcome of the game. However, it is still possible to use ad hoc techniques in the game. It is no coincidence that the best players in the world share the same ways of playing, while most players all make the same mistakes.

Play smart and disciplined

Many people ignore this golden rule that applies to all online casino games. Every single player should set a limit on how much they intend to win and how much they are willing to lose. Many experts believe that 20% is the average amount that players lose at the craps tables. If you plan on playing $ 300 to double it to $ 600, you better cut your ambitions. The first golden rule is to set modest goals.

How To Play Craps: Everything You Need To Know To Play With Confidence

Inexperience is the common source of disappointment. You should be perfectly able to understand the game before betting any money. There are many opportunities to practice online without betting money. Just like a competitive sporting activity, preparation and practice are very important in the game. The more prepared you are, the more good results you can get.

Manage your money and your online account

To be a good player at online craps too, you need to establish an effective money management system. Regardless of the system used, you can use a well-known system like Paroli or Martingale, or something of your own design, but it is essential not to change tactics in the middle of the game. Also, no matter how good or bad you play, you need to set loss limits and stick to them. You should always remember that there is a reason why you set those limits. If you go beyond that limit, you will most likely regret it in the long run.

Try to establish a betting unit, for example one twentieth of your online account, although a fiftieth would be advisable. Play a € 5 craps table with a minimum of $ 100- € 250. The main idea is to give you an edge that you can win more later. However, if you wager less money, you risk losing it before you have even made a win.

Fraud at Your Craps Table - Raving

Choose the right bets

Another important feature of an effective strategy is a good knowledge of smart betting on the table. It’s easier than it looks.

There are limited numbers of bets where the dealer has a low edge in the game of craps. It is advisable to take a look at our odds page to learn about each bet and its odds. In general it is a good idea to bet on “pass lines” along with “free odds”, “bet as” along with “free odds”, and generally bet on six (6) or eight (8). It is beneficial to learn how to limit your bets when thinking about making more complicated bets, although remember that no strategy is perfect. Typically, if you choose this approach, you decrease the volatility of the game significantly, limiting the potential wins significantly.

In a nutshell, if you are used to making offsetting bets you will not risk so much as to jeopardize your account, but if you find yourself winning, your winnings may be lower than the winnings obtained without offsetting bets.

Stay calm in any situation

As in all competitive games, it is important to maintain a calm and balanced behavior so that you can deal with the pressure of the game. Again, you shouldn’t increase your betting unit until you are a good edge ahead of everyone in the game. Otherwise, try doubling your account.

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